Wednesday, 14 September 2016


So long time no see, here on the blog! I will update you on all the personal issues in a bit, but I'm really late with uploading these because of what has been going on the past few months. 

Anyhow, you might have sen on Instagram that I have taken up my old obsession for Kurt Wagner, and I'm finally making some cosplays! I did make the x-men evolution cartoon version for NärCon Summer in July, but I didn't finish the shoes so I didn't feel quite satisfied. I will redo some things and wear him soon instead! I did however still paint myself blue and did a casual version, hahah!

If you have watched the x-men evolution cartoon series, you know that Kurt has a more "humanized" version, and this is what I would like to show you today, and more later as well. 

Basically, many of you asked me about the wig choice, and styling, so I thought I'd make a review!


This was the wig I thought would be most like Kurt's hair in color and style, in my opinion. I didn't have to cut it all to much, basically just thin it out a bit, since it's  rather thick wig with many layers! The length was great for Kurt as well. 

The color is a really nice mixture of blue tones, and I do admit that it does look a bit brighter in this up-close picture, but you can see the true color on the other pictures much better! This is just a closeup on the texture and synthetic hairs. This is as usual synthetic wig, that is heat resistant, but you should be careful when handling any wig with heat. I did straighten this slightly when I thinned it out! 

Color: Dark Blue
Length: 32 cm
Type: 100% Heat Resistant Fibre

It was SO easy to wear and style compared to some wigs in similar styles that I have worked with, and I didn't need much styling product. It was a little tiring to have to thin it out so much, but it's my taste in wigs that makes me customize most wigs like that! The color is perfect for Kurt, and I can't wait to do a full official outfit for him, since he's been my favorite since I was a child. 

With the express shipping, the wig took 4 days to arrive to my place, after it had been shipped, so the wait was far from long.

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Thanks for reading! :D

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